Searchable and scalable discussions

Move daily stand-ups, internal email, and even meetings to TribePulse!

Quick and easy to setup

As easy as 1 2 3 – Choose a name for your Tribe, invite your team members, and you’re ready to go.

Keep conversations organised

Stop losing conversations to the fast-moving streams of Slack or the depths of email. Keep conversations organised by Topic and Space.

Rich and thoughtful conversation

TribePulse encourages thoughtful conversation by supporting a range of formatting options to make sure you get your message across.

Pull in different opinions

TribePulse allows Topics to be posted to multiple Spaces to encourage cross-pollination across knowledge silos.

Track readership

Track knowledge dissemination through your organisation, see which Topics resonate and which ones aren't getting through.

Surface important conversations

Thought someone raised a point that deserves its own conversation? Surface any reply into its own Topic!

Highlight key decisions

Reached a decision and want to highlight it? TribePulse gives you the power to color-code all replies.

No more notifications

Drowning in notifications? Take back control of your time with a personalized activity stream to browse in your own time.

A knowledge base of experience

Feel like you're doing something that has been done before? Easily find and reference old discussions with TribePulse's built-in search.

Edit history

All edits to Topics and replies are tracked and visible to all Tribe members, giving people the ability to make changes while maintaining accountability.

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